About Falcon Realty

It’s your investment…. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Investors.  Are you tired of watching your financial portfolio dwindle to nothing?

Owners.  Are you tired of the pressures of renting your own investment property?

Tenants.  Are you tired of renting from someone who does not listen to your needs?

We are here for you.

Falcon Realty

Falcon Realty Property Management deals exclusively in managing property.

We are a Co-op made up of over 100 individual owners.  Strength, safety and savings in numbers.

Falcon Realty is located on one of the busiest streets in downtown Cookeville.

Perspective tenants get rental information from visiting our office or thru our internet website, falconrealtycookeville.com.  Every property for rent has our distinctive signage for maximum visibility.

Our job is finding the best tenant for your property and maintaining a high retention rate.

Your tenant will be treated with respect and fairly.  After you, tenants are our main concern.  If a legitimate maintenance issue arises with your property which needs to be addressed we are quick and efficient and cost conscious.

A happy tenant is a good tenant and will stay with you and us.

But we have expectations from tenants which include respecting your property, respecting neighbors, and paying rent on time.

If tenants fail to meet their lease obligations, we, in a timely manner, begin a termination process.  A one month deposit is required from tenants to cover any losses to your property.


We have property located all over Putnam County.  We have a wide variety of property for rent in any price range, size, and location.

As a full service management company we provide 24 hr service and have independent contractors to do all work relating to your property.  If you request a specific contractor to work on your property or choose to do it yourself in part or full we are happy to work with you.

Call us at 931-528-2158 for a free analysis of your rental property.